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"Roundup: 2018 Financial Results for Continental, Veoneer, Visteon"
Lower vehicle production volumes impacted sales at these tier ones. Restructuring underway at Continental. Appears in March 2019 newsletter. $65.00
"Elektrobit Automotive GmbH--Mini Profile"
A wholly owned subsidiary of Continental, and now merged with the former Argus Cyber Security, Elektrobit is sharpening its focus on developing and selling software as a product. Appears in July 2018 newsletter. $65.00
"HERE International, The Company Profile"
HERE's strategy extends well beyond HD maps. A host of new services and applications are in the works. Bosch and Continental are the newest investors. More investment from the tech community is welcome. Appears in March 2018 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental Automotive Group, The Company Profile"
Continental is transforming itself from a hardware supplier to a software and services specialist. Appears in June 2017 newsletter. $65.00
"2016 Roundup: Bosch, Conti, Lear, Leoni, ZF"
We look at the year-end financial results of Bosch, Conti, Lear, Leoni and ZF. Appears in April 2017 newsletter. $65.00
"HERE to Begin Rollout of HD Live Map of Major Motorways in 2018"
HERE, now owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler, will introduce its cloud-based live mapping service in 2018. Appears in November 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"Luxoft Holding, The Company Profile"
Luxoft provides automotive software development services and IT solutions to global clients including Harman, Continental and Daimler. Appears in March 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"Road Database: Highly Reliable, Low-Cost Maps for Autonomous Driving"
Continental and Ygomi are developing a machine-readable database that autonomous vehicles can use for accurate positioning under any conditions. Appears in February 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"Emergency Braking Sensor Market Heats Up"
Mobileye's competitors are keen to challenge the Israeli company's market dominance. Advances in radar could be the game changer. Appears in October 2015 newsletter. $65.00
"2014 Roundup: Continental"
A look at Continental's year-end financial results for 2014. Appears in April 2015 newsletter. $65.00
"Mobileye's Competitors in Catch-Up Mode"
While Mobileye has a great head start in image processing, a number of tier ones and tier twos are targeting the automotive market with their own solutions. Appears in October 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"2013 Roundup: Aisin Seiki, Continental, Denso, Mobis"
A summary of year-end financial results of Aisin Seiki, Continental, Denso and Mobis. Appears in May 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"Self-Driving Car Development Faces Huge Hurdles"
Carmakers are committed to investing in automated driving features but it will be a long time before the driver will be permitted to fully disengage. Legal and regulatory issues are likely the greatest challenges. Appears in September 2013 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental Automotive Group, The Company Profile"
This updated look at the world's third-largest auto parts supplier includes a section on the new products Continental has in development in its Interior and Chassis & Safety divisions. Appears in March 2013 newsletter. $65.00
"Body Control Module Update"
Body control tends to keep a low profile, but increasing vehicle complexity is driving lots of innovation in this domain. Appears in May 2011 newsletter. $65.00
"Roundup 2010: Conti, Magneti Marelli, Valeo, Visteon"
2010 Financial results for tier one suppliers Conti, Magneti Marelli, Valeo and Visteon Appears in April 2011 newsletter. $65.00
"Nokia Makes Headway with Terminal Mode Car Interface"
Nokia has been working with the German carmakers and Fiat as well as Harman, Alpine, Continental and Magneti Marelli to develop its Terminal Mode software spec to integrate smartphone apps with vehicle displays and controls. Appears in June 2010 newsletter. $65.00
"2009 European Auto Electronics Roundup"
Suppliers Continental, Leoni, Magneti Marelli and Valeo all saw 2009 sales decline by double digits. Appears in April 2010 newsletter. $65.00
"Google Makes Automotive Connections"
Google aims to bring its content and services to automobiles. Continental is developing a Google Android-based infotainment platform called AutoLinQ that will provide connectivity both to the Web and to vehicle sensors and control systems--a new way to deliver telematics services. Appears in November 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"China and Auto Electronics a Good Match"
Report from the Shanghai Auto Show: three multiplying forces will drive auto electronics growth in China for the next ten years. Appears in May 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental, The Company Profile, Part Two"
Part two focuses on new products with significant sales potential in each of Continental's three automotive divisions: Powertrain, Chassis and Safety, and Interior. Part one appears in the March 2008 Hansen Report. Appears in April 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental AG, The Company Profile (Part One)"
In part one of a two-part profile we look at what the new Continental will look like after fully integrating Siemens VDO. Appears in March 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Dr. Peter Rieth on What's Next after ESC"
Peter Rieth, Continental's senior VP systems and technology, believes active steering and eventually radar-controlled four-wheel steering will be instrumental in collision avoidance. Appears in December 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Siemens VDO Electronic Wedge Brake--Industry Is Skeptical"
While carmakers are all investigating electromechanical brake solutions, not all are convinced the Electronic Wedge Brake from Siemens VDO is the way to go. Concerns about durability and cost remain. Appears in May 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"2006 Roundup: Bosch, Brose, Continental, Gentex"
2006 year-end financial results for suppliers Bosch, Brose, Continental and Gentex Appears in April 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"2006 Roundup: Siemens VDO, TRW, Valeo, Visteon"
Year-end financial results for Siemens VDO, TRW Automotive, Valeo and Visteon. Siemens VDO may soon be spun off; Continental is interested in acquiring a stake. Appears in March 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Ford Sync Changes Infotainment Picture"
More evidence of a high tech revival at Ford: At CES 2007 Ford and Microsoft introduced a new infotainment platform based on Windows Automotive software. Appears in February 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental Purchases Motorola's Automotive Unit"
Continental's recent acquisition of Motorola Automotive is further evidence of Detroit's waning influence in automotive electronics. Appears in May 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"2005 Roundup of Auto Electronics Suppliers, N.A. and Europe"
This Roundup includes financial results from Autoliv, TRW Automotive, Bosch, Brose, Continental, Magneti Marelli, Siemens VDO, Valeo and ZF. Appears in March 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"Conti Teves Forecasts ESC Penetration Through 2010"
Graph shows ESC penetration by region. Appears in October 2005 newsletter. $65.00
"Electronic Stability Control Promoted in Japan"
Bosch, Continental Teves and Advics have teamed up to promote the benefits of electronic stability control in Japan. Toyota found that vehicles with ESC were 35% less likely to be involved in single-vehicle accidents. Appears in February 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"2002 Roundup of European Automotive Electronics Suppliers"
2002 financial results for Bosch, Brose, Continental, Hella, Magneti Marelli, Siemens VDO, Valeo and ZF. Appears in March 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental, The Company Profile (3/03)"
Through its Automotive Systems division, which now includes the former ITT Teves and Temic, Continental is well-positioned to supply fully-integrated intelligent chassis systems. Appears in March 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"2001 Roundup of European Automotive Electronics"
Fiscal year 2001 results for Bosch Automotive Technology Sector, Continental Automotive Systems, Magneti Marelli, Siemens VDO and Valeo. Appears in May 2002 newsletter. $65.00
"2000 Roundup of European Automotive Electronics Suppliers"
Financial results for leading European auto electronics suppliers Bosch, Continental, Magneti Marelli, Mannesmann VDO, Siemens Automotive, Temic and Valeo. Appears in May 2001 newsletter. $65.00
"Chassis Controls Update"
Suspension, braking and steering will eventually be controlled by a single computer. Appears in March 2001 newsletter. $65.00


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