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The cost of an subscription is determined by an organization's annual automotive revenue. Annual subscription prices range from $995 for small companies to $5,500 for global access for all employees in a large organization. If you are a student, teacher, academic library or independent consultant you may qualify for a special discount.

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Price Guidelines

Annual Automotive Revenue Annual Subscription Price
Number of Readers
$0 to $50 million $995 1-5
Over $50 million to $200 million $1,540 6-10
Over $200 million to $1 billion $2,200 11-20
Over $1 billion to $10 billion $3,300 21-50
Over $10 billion $5,500 50 and up

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If your subscription includes 50 or fewer readers you may submit email addresses for up to 50 users, and a password will be issued for each email address. All registered email addresses will be sent a notification when a new issue is published and available for downloading from our website. We are happy to work with administrators of global subscriptions (more than 50 readers) to accommodate your requirements. Global subscribers can request access by IP address authentication.

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