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ATZelectronics? high quality content is created by close collaboration with leading universities, OEMs, suppliers and service providers in the industry, and is guaranteed by an scientific advisory council. Together with Mr. Paul Hansen and The Hansen Report we are happy to provide you a new, current and international source of information.

Whether E/E architecture or functional safety, software, sensors and actuators or new methods and processes: ATZelectronics offers development engineers and researchers in the field of electrical and electronic development for passenger cars and commercial vehicles a deep insight into focal points and interfaces of current electronic development in the automotive industry and research. Future vehicles are ?computers on wheels,? which is why safety and security as well as artificial intelligence are integral parts of ATZelectronics.

The unique mixture of exclusive scientific and practice-oriented technical contributions makes ATZelectronics worldwide an indispensable information medium in the field of future-oriented electronics development for engineers at manufacturers, suppliers and development service providers.

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