December 2019/January 2020 Newsletter
Hard Times
OEMs and suppliers are struggling to adapt and survive in a changing automotive industry.

ARM Leads Collaboration for AV Computing Standards
Arm saw a need for the industry to collaborate to develop an AV compute platform that will be implementation agnostic. The new Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium expects to publish initial standards by the end of 2020

EU Safety Requirements Underpin Robust ADAS Market
Mandatory safety systems will profoundly influence the market for ADAS well beyond Europe.

Tactile Mobility's First OEM Order to Map Road Grip Coming Soon
Continuously updated maps of road surface grip levels could significantly improve vehicle safety. Israeli startup Tactile Mobility offers a solution.

ETAS GmbH, The Company Profile
Bosch subsidiary ETAS provides software tools and services to develop high quality embedded systems and security solutions.



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