February 2017 Newsletter
Audi's Thomas Mueller: 'The car of the future will look like a data center on wheels.'
Dr. Thomas M. Mueller, Audi's top E/E engineer, outlines his vision for a new vehicle architecture, which will enable the decoupling of hardware and software.

Standardization Efforts on Autonomous Driving Safety Barely Under Way
How safe is safe enough? The auto industry needs to work collectively to develop standards for safety-critical systems in autonomous vehicles.

GENIVI and AGL Have Much in Common
The GENIVI Alliance and the Automotive Grade Linux project have similar objectives and use a lot of the same software components in their platforms. Both could expand beyond IVI systems to autonomous driving applications.

Delphi Automotive, The Company Profile
Delphi is investing to expand its business in ADAS and autonomous driving systems. Today electrical distribution systems account for more than half of total sales.



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