November 2014 Newsletter
Speech Interface Concerns
There are costs and benefits associated with every kind of driver interface. Voice-based interactions may have unintended consequences.

Valeo, The Company Profile
Valeo's strategy calls for a major focus on products that reduce CO2 emissions and products that enable intuitive driving.

Wireless Device Charging Not Yet Mainstream
While plenty of consumers want it in their cars, wireless device charging is stalled for lack of agreement on standards and a lack of devices on the market that support inductive charging.

GM's EE Architecture Strategy Unaffected by Transition to Four Platforms
GM's consolidation of its vehicle platforms from 26 to 4 by 2025 will affect very few electrical or electronics parts. Between 60% and 70% of GM's ECUs already conform to the carmaker's Global A E/E architecture.

Making Convergence and Detroit Matter
Once an auto electronics conference not to be missed, lower attendance at this year's Convergence suggests the event is in need of some revitalization. Paul Hansen offers some suggestions.

Consolidation in Auto Semiconductor Market
Acquisitions by Infineon and ON Semiconductor will produce changes in the top-ten ranking of automotive semiconductor suppliers. After completing its purchase of International Rectifier, Infineon closes in on market leader Renesas.

Good Times for Automotive Electronics Suppliers Serving U.S. Markets
Light vehicle sales and transaction prices--two major components of automotive electronics growth--both increased over the last five years.



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