July/August 2011
Google's Self-Driving Cars Zoom In On the Future
Google's cars show tremendous advancement in the state of the art of autonomous vehicle engineering.

Auto Industry Steps Toward Autonomous Driving
The industry has already developed much of the technology required to implement fully autonomous vehicles, but getting them on the road will be a step-by-step process. Platooning capability could come in as little as five years.

Pioneer Corp., The Company Profile
Pioneer has been struggling to compete in the crowded infotainment market. Strategic alliances with strong partners should help reduce new product development costs. Navigation market in China holds promise.

NHTSA's Distracted Driving Guidelines Coming Soon
This fall, NHTSA will publish and seek public comment on voluntary guidelines covering visual-manual interfaces in the car.

Laser Sensor's Future Unclear
Laser scanners like the Velodyne sensor used by Google and the DARPA Urban Challenge finishers in 2007 may not be needed for autonomous driving features in production vehicles.



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