July/August 2009 Newsletter
A Third Path to Infotainment Software Reuse
Audi and EB (Elektrobit) are jointly developing a new infotainment software platform. EB will later offer the product to other carmakers, providing an alternative to Microsoft Auto and the Genivi open source, Linux-based platform.

LEDs Will Dominate All Automotive Lighting?Eventually
In five years, LEDs will be the most energy efficient light source and a perfect fit for hybrids and electric vehicles. High prices, not technology, will limit LED headlamp applications for many more years.

Magneti Marelli, The Company Profile
The Fiat subsidiary Magneti Marelli's most promising new electronics products are open infotainment systems including telematics and portable device connectivity. Fiat's control of Chrysler presents a huge opportunity for new business.

U.S. Energy Policy No Boon to Diesels
New CAFE standards in the United States will have little effect on the demand for diesel cars. Volkswagen sees a growing market for diesels even while other carmakers scale back diesel programs in favor of hybrids.



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