November 2008 newsletter
North American Suppliers Rocked by Economic Turmoil
Suppliers with exposure to the Detroit Three face a very real possibility of bankruptcy or asset selloffs. Automotive stock analyst and high-yield bond trader give their assessments.

Is SMSC's Grip on MOST Technology Restraining the Market?
Suppliers and carmakers think more access to SMSC's proprietary MOST technology would lower the cost of MOST and increase market acceptance. Some are looking at Ethernet as a possible alternative to MOST.

Lear Electrical/Electronics, The Company Profile
Even with vehicle sales volumes shrinking, Lear is confident it can grow E/E sales organically by 13% annually over the next four years. Hybrids present a major growth opportunity.

Convergence 2008 Panelists Cool to Standards
Top EEs on the Car Makers Speak panel at Convergence 2008 weigh in on FlexRay, Autosar, MOST, Linux Infotainment Platform, CE4A and NGTP.

Japan's Telematics Services
Nissan Carwings, Honda InterNavi and Toyota G-Book telematics services are making more safety-related content available to subscribers.

NHTSA Monitors Safety Standards
NHTSA's schedule of safety standards evaluations 2009 - 2012

J.D. Power and Associates' 2008 U.S. Automotive Emerging Technologies Study
Graph shows consumers' definite and probable interest in new features, ranked before and after a market price for the feature was revealed.



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