October 2005 Newsletter
New S-Class Mercedes: Pioneering Electronics
Short range radar and active IR night vision are among the new S-Class features.

Autosar Spec Due Year-End 2006
The Autosar spec should be complete and fully tested by the end of 2006.

IEE, The Company Profile
IEE (International Electronics & Engineering) of Luxembourg applies its force sensing resistor technology to advanced airbag systems.

Siemens VDO Cockpit Modules Cut Costs and Design TIme
Siemens VDO CESAR architecture employs a modular approach to custom-designed cockpit electronics.

Conti Teves Forecasts ESC Penetration Through 2010
Graph shows ESC penetration by region.

Penetration of In-Dash Screens in New Vehicles
Total displays and penetration ratios for Japan, the U.S., Europe and ROW.



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