September 2003 Newsletter
Pioneer Corp., The Company Profile (09/03)
Pioneer is the worldwide market leader in CD receivers today. The company is looking to expand OEM sales to 40% of its car electronics business in the next five years.

OSEK Operating System Applications Growing Slowly
Despite a slow start, European carmakers are employing OSEK operating systems in powertrain, chassis and body controls. GM is also adopting OSEK

New Intertech Report on Power Management
A new report by Randy Frank and John West looks at the pros and cons of 42V electrical systems.

AUTOSAR Open System Architecture Partnership to Go Public
A consortium of German carmakers and suppliers plan to announce a new initiative to develop a standard, open, non-proprietary software infrastructure on which proprietary vehicle control systems can be built. AUTOSAR was to be announced at the Baden-Baden conference Electronic Systems for Vehicles.



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