May 2003 Newsletter
Second Generation Telematics Begins Modestly in Japan
Honda, Nissan and Toyota have launched new versions of their telematics products. This time, Nissan and Toyota have chosen to introduce telematics on low-priced compact cars. All three camakers opted to base their telematics platforms on commerical operating systems.

DAB in the Slow Lane in Europe
Digital audio broadcasting based on Eureka 147 has yet to catch on widely in Europe. Ford just began offering DAB car radios at U.K. dealerships.

iBiquity Digital, The Company Profile
iBiquity's HD Radio, based on the company's proprietary IBOC technology is the only FCC approved digital broadcasting option in the U.S. Carmakers will start factory installation of digital radios in 2005.

Safety Features on 15 Top-Selling U.S. SUVs
NHTSA has published detailed information on which safety features are standard or available on each model sold in the U.S. We looked at what's available on the top selling SUVs.

Hyundai Equals Japanese Carmakers in Best Electrical System Reliability
Our annual analysis of Consumer Reports' Frequency of Repair survey. We rank the major carmakers on electrical system reliability.

CSM Forecasts Sluggish Navigation Sales in North America
CSM Component Forecast Service sees U.S. navigation sales reaching just 450,000 by 2006. Includes a graph of installation volumes in North America and Europe through 2006.

Auto Semiconductor Forecast from Selantek
A table of Selantek's 2003 and 2004 forecast of semiconductor content in transportation, by type (discretes, sensors, power semis, analog semis, microcontrolers, memory and logic.)



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