November 2001 Newsletter
i-mode Success Isn't Translating into Telematics Success
While i-mode is wildly successful in Japan, consumers don't have the same enthusiasm for telematics. Service providers have yet to find the business case for telematics.

New Telematics Systems Coming to Toyota and Honda
Honda and NTT are testing a next generation telematics system. Toyota and GM are working together in Japan to deliver telematics services; Toyota will launch G-Book in 2002.

International Rectifier, The Company Profile
IR's automotive sales are growing--in FY2001, automotive accounted for 21% of total sales. IR makes power ICs and components.

Japan Auto Parts Industry 2001
This 700-page volume from Brown & Co. is a valuable resource. We exerpted parts of the "Who Supplies Whom" section; a table lists suppliers of 17 different auto electronics parts, in order of volume supplied, for Japan's top 5 carmakers.

AHSRA Researches Smart Cruise Systems
Japanese research organization is developing safety technology aimed at reducing accidents caused by driver error.



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