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"Revolutionary New Electrohydraulic Brake System"
LSP Innovative Automotive Systems has developed an integrated modular brake system that is simpler, smaller and lighter than conventional systems. EC motor provides extremely accurate pressure control which means shorter stopping distances. Appears in July 2010 newsletter. $65.00
"Features and Functions in 2010"
Fuel efficiency is a top priority for all carmakers, but advanced safety and driver assistance features continue to trickle down from luxury models to affordable vehicles. Appears in November 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"NHTSA Monitors Safety Standards"
NHTSA's schedule of safety standards evaluations 2009 - 2012 Appears in November 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental, The Company Profile, Part Two"
Part two focuses on new products with significant sales potential in each of Continental's three automotive divisions: Powertrain, Chassis and Safety, and Interior. Part one appears in the March 2008 Hansen Report. Appears in April 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental AG, The Company Profile (Part One)"
In part one of a two-part profile we look at what the new Continental will look like after fully integrating Siemens VDO. Appears in March 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Dr. Peter Rieth on What's Next after ESC"
Peter Rieth, Continental's senior VP systems and technology, believes active steering and eventually radar-controlled four-wheel steering will be instrumental in collision avoidance. Appears in December 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"ESC Installation Rates in Europe"
ESC installation rates for five major European countries, by car sector Appears in June 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"TRW Automotive, The Company Profile"
TRW Automotive expects healthy growth in active safety products such as electronic stability control, brake assist, radar ACC and lane-keeping systems. Appears in October 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"Conti Teves Forecasts ESC Penetration Through 2010"
Graph shows ESC penetration by region. Appears in October 2005 newsletter. $65.00
"MY 2006 Vehicle Features Roundup"
A look at the new electronics features making their way to mainstream vehicles and the effect of U.S. mandates. Appears in September 2005 newsletter. $65.00
"Electronics Features in New MY 2005 Vehicles"
A look at which electronics features and functions are gaining traction. Appears in September 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"Ford Hosts Convergence 2004"
Make plans to attend the industry's biggest and best conference October 18 - 20, 2004. Ford's Dr. Gerhard Schmidt talks about Convergence and Ford's back to basics approach to electronics. Appears in September 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"NHTSA Dynamic Rollover Test Results Say Nothing of ESC"
NHTSA's recently completed dynamic tests of 25 MY 2004 SUVs revealed no information about the value of electronic stability control in preventing rollovers. Appears in February 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"Electronic Stability Control Promoted in Japan"
Bosch, Continental Teves and Advics have teamed up to promote the benefits of electronic stability control in Japan. Toyota found that vehicles with ESC were 35% less likely to be involved in single-vehicle accidents. Appears in February 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental, The Company Profile (3/03)"
Through its Automotive Systems division, which now includes the former ITT Teves and Temic, Continental is well-positioned to supply fully-integrated intelligent chassis systems. Appears in March 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"NHTSA Test Could Establish Benefits of ESC in Rollover Prevention"
If tests prove electronic stability control systems actually prevent rollover accidents, no government mandates may be needed to make the market for ESC take off. Appears in February 2003 newsletter. $65.00


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