October 2019 Newsletter
AEB Problems
Automatic emergency braking prevents accidents and saves lives, but serious deficiencies such as unintended activation, lack of performance standards, and failure to detect vulnerable road users need to be addressed.

Google Promotes Assistant Driving Mode to Mitigate Driver Distraction
Google is developing a feature called Driving Mode for the Google Assistant. The company claims that using voice controls and the Assistant's predictive algorithms to manage apps in the car will allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road for longer periods.

Will China Lead the World in EV and AV Development and Sales?
Jochen Siebert, founder of the JSC Automotive consultancy, which has been studying the Chinese automotive market for twelve years, has some boots-on-the-ground observations about China's progress with EVs and AVs.

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
Long recognized for its automotive lighting products, Hella is now focusing its product development strategy on two key applications: ADAS/autonomous driving and electrification.

Robert Siegel on Navigating Auto Industry Disruption
The Stanford B-School lecturer and venture capitalist believes industry collaboration on autonomous vehicle safety is essential to launching a successful market for AV technology.



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