September 2019 Newsletter
A Conversation with Strategy Analytics' Ian Riches
Vice President of Strategy Analytics' Global Automotive Practices shares his observations on vehicle architecture changes, vehicle networks, L3 automation and more.

German Carmakers Call for Global AV Safety Standards
Highlights from The Autonomous event recently held in Vienna.

Advanced Safety Systems Becoming Affordable for Mass Market Vehicles
Electronics and software developed for AVs is being widely deployed in advanced driver assistance systems.

Highlights from McKinsey Report
McKinsey forecasts 7% CAGR in automotive software and E/E components between 2020 and 2030. Recommended reading.

Analog Devices Inc., The Company Profile
Following the 2017 acquisition of Linear Technology, Analog Devices' automotive revenue has been growing strong and will exceed $1 billion this year.

PEGASUS Develops Method to Assess Highly Automated Driving Functions
The PEGASUS project has completed a model for assessing and proving how safe an AV will be on public roads.



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