October 2014 Newsletter
Despite Formidable Challenges, Progress on V2V
NHTSA is moving toward rulemaking on V2V despite a number of unresolved issues, among them the management of security certificates. Experts from ITS World Congress weigh in.

Mobileye, The Company Profile
With its proprietary algorithms and EyeQ processors, Mobileye is the clear market leader in single camera-based image processing for ADAS and convenience features.

Mobileye's Competitors in Catch-Up Mode
While Mobileye has a great head start in image processing, a number of tier ones and tier twos are targeting the automotive market with their own solutions.

Fuel Economy Matters
Carmakers continue to improve fuel economy for internal combustion engines.

Harman to Outsource More Manufacturing
With larger volume orders coming for infotainment systems, Harman believes contract manufacturing makes sense for hardware production. Hardware design will remain in house.

Berg Insight on OEM Telematics Market
Graphs show global installed base of OEM embedded telematics through 2020, and unit shipments in 2020. Source: Berg Insight's report, The Global Automotive OEM Telematics Market.

Pravala Networks: Seamless Connectivity via Best Available Network
Start-up Pravala Networks' technology improves the reliability of embedded wireless connectivity in vehicles.



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