October 2012
Virtualization Coming to Autos
Reducing the number of ECUs in vehicles is a major benefit of hardware virtualization. Experts from OpenSynergy, Green Hills Software and Wind River discuss how they see the market developing in automotive.

HUD Sales Continue Upward
While high cost is still a limiting factor, the market for head-up display units is forecast to grow by 14% to 18% per year over the next three or four years. Nippon Seiki holds the largest market share.

ESG Group, The Company Profile
A core ESG strength is its experience in engineering complex safety-critical aviation systems and the ability to apply that expertise in developing customized solutions for automotive customers.

Dice Electronics Quick with Device Connectivity Solutions
Dice Electronics' software-based iPhone integration kits provide a quick plug-and-play solution for rapidly changing smartphone offerings. An Android-based version is coming in 2013.



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