May 2006 Newsletter
Continental Purchases Motorola's Automotive Unit
Continental's recent acquisition of Motorola Automotive is further evidence of Detroit's waning influence in automotive electronics.

More Parts Branding Could Pay Off
Some market research indicates consumers are interested in branded automotive parts, beyond high-end audio systems. Suppliers are taking their message directly to the car buyers.

ZF Friedrichshafen, The Company Profile (2006)
ZF's driveline and chassis components can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Networking those systems with ACC, ABS and stability control is the company's next challenge. ZF-Lenksysteme's electric power steering will benefit from increased demand in Europe and Asia.

CEA Surveys Consumer Interest in Mobile Electronics
The Consumer Electronics Association's market research compares current usage and future interest in mobile consumer electronics.

Dave McNamara on Automotive Electronics
After 30 years in the business, industry veteran Dave McNamara shares his insights.

Aisin Seiki FY 2005 Financial Results
The first installment in our annual Roundup of Japanese automotive electronics suppliers



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