April 2006 Newsletter
Speech Recognition--What's Next
Advances in speech recognition bring spoken destination entry for navigation systems closer to reality.

Visteon, The Company Profile (2006)
With help from Ford and a major restructuring, Visteon looks likely to turn a profit in 2006. Current strategy aims to grow sales in Asia to equal sales to Ford by 2008.

Hybrid Market Favors Infineon
Infineon Technologies is ready to meet Western hybrid vehicle makers' IGBT requirements.

Reliability Report for Elecrical Systems and Power Equipment
The Hansen Report ranks carmakers based on Consumer Reports' reliability records.

Visteon's Product Life Cycle Strategy Targets Aftermarket First
Visteon introduces new features in the independent aftermarket and dealer distribution channels. (short, with graphic)

Consumer Reports Cool to Hybrids and Multifunction Controls
The influential consumer magazine calculates only modest financial benefit from hybrid vehicles.

Coalition Organizing to Promote Real-Time Traffic Info
Carmakers, traffic data providers, map specialists and communications experts send representatives to Washington to draw up real-time traffic data strategy.

Lexus Customers Have Bluetooth Issues
Lexus customer service centers report complaints about Bluetooth phone features. (short)



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