May 2005 Newsletter
Software-Defined Features
More software-defined features will be implemented in tomorrow's vehicles. These features can be adapted, customized and enhanced with software upgrades. Better tool integration is needed.

Automotive FPGAs: Lower Costs, Shorter Time to Market
With the price of FPGAs coming down, carmakers are taking a look at the benefits. Xilinx is the market leader.

Autoliv, Inc. , The Company Profile (5/05)
The world leader in occupant restraints, Autoliv, is moving into active safety systems.

Honda's Probe Cars Supplement VICS Traffic Info
Honda InterNavi Premium Club members serve as probe cars to collect traffic data.

Europe Works to Standardize Emergency Call Service
eCall will allow drivers throughout Europe to access the nearest service provider, regardless of where they are traveling. Finland will be first to implement the emergency calling system.

Hybrid Vehicle Battery Market Data
Table lists battery type and supplier for today's hybrids.



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