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July/August 2014

Automotive Cybersecurity: A Hot Emerging Market: Today's vehicles are not well defended against cyber-attacks. That's going to change.

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48-Volt Systems Find Production in 2015; Penetration Will Be Slow: High-end carmakers in Europe will first introduce 48-volt systems to handle power-hungry performance and comfort options. Eventually, meeting CO2 emissions regulations will drive 48 volts in the D and E segments. B and C segments will reach CO2 targets with 12-volt systems.

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Sensata, The Company Profile: Pressure sensors account for 48% of Sensata's annual revenue. The automotive pressure sensor market is predicted to grow at nearly 6% annually through 2018, but Sensata faces some formidable competitors.

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Sharp Targeting Clusters with Its New IGZO Free-Form LCDs: Designers who choose Sharp's new IGZO displays are no longer limited to fitting rectangular displays in the dashboard.

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IHS Reports Top 10 Auto MEMS Suppliers: Top ten MEMS suppliers are ranked by 2013 revenue. (Table)

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