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September 2017

Dinesh Paliwal: Samsung and Harman Going Big for Automotive: Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal discusses how Harman and Samsung together will compete for automotive business beyond infotainment.

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Latest Kugler Maag Cie Survey Predicts Digital Services Will Radically Transform the Auto Industry: Digital services will reshape the value proposition in automotive. Radically different vehicle E/E architectures on the horizon.

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E/E Pioneer Ricky Hudi, From Audi to Future Mobility Technologies GmbH: Drawing on 26 years of experience in the automotive industry, Ricky Hudi has a clear vision about what mobility will look like in the future.

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Vector Informatik, The Company Profile: Vector's sales have been growing by more than 16% annually, and managing director Thomas Beck is confident the software tool provider is well positioned to sustain that pace.

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Consumers Place High Value on Safety Features: Consumers rank features such as blind-spot detection high on their list of new car priorities.

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Company Profiles

Half of each issue is reserved for an in-depth profile of a leading auto electronics supplier. Since its inception in 1988, The Hansen Report has profiled almost all the important auto electronics suppliers around the world. Their combined sales account for more than 95% of the market.

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• Markets
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• Company strategies
• Sales history and projections
• Sales breakdowns by product, market and region
• Technology developments
• Current and future products
• Acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures
• Supplier opportunities

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