July/August 2017 Newsletter
Essential to Autonomous Vehicle Development, Simulation Isn't Close to Being Ready
Simulation is critical to advancing autonomous vehicle development, but no one supplier has a complete solution.

More Supplier Disruption Coming
Christoph Grote of BMW sees a more efficient supplier base emerging as software reuse matures.

Zoox Self-Driving Startup to Design, Build, Operate Its Own Urban Taxi Service
Zoox's goal is to be ready to scale a fully autonomous mobility service in cities by 2020.

Nexteer Automotive, The Company Profile
Under Chinese ownership, the former steering division of GM and later, Delphi, has successfully diversified its customer base for electric power steering. Five-year CAGR: 15.4%

Movimento Details OTA Update Types
Movimento, acquired by Delphi in January 2017, advises when to expect various types of OTA updates.



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