September 2015 newsletter
Connected Car Data Standards and Pools
Multiple efforts are underway to develop common standards for collecting, sharing and using data produced by connected cars. Continuously updated, precision maps, required for autonomous driving, is one application for this swarm intelligence.

Volkswagen's Top EE, Volkmar Tanneberger
Volkmar Tanneberger talks about advanced electronics in the new Volkswagen Passat. He also shares insights on device connectivity and the need for cybersecurity standards.

Autoliv, The Company Profile
With growth in the passive safety market slowing to 2%-3%, Autoliv is increasing its focus on active safety systems, where it faces formidable competition from the incumbents.

New Car Features
Safety, fuel economy and infotainment make inroads in broad market segments.

Start-Stop Penetration in New Vehicle Production 2015 and 2020
Johnson Controls predicts start-stop penetration by region in 2020. (Table)



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