October 2013 Newsletter
Device-to-Car Connectivity Still a Jumble
Many protocols are available to link smartphones to head units but none has yet emerged as an industry standard.

Harman to Offer New Head-Unit Platform Featuring HTML 5 App Development Environment
In addition to the HTML5 environment to spur third-party app developers, Harman's new platform will offer both software and hardware upgradeability.

Telenav Inc., The Company Profile
With more and more connected cars on the market, Telenav has targeted automotive as one of its strategic growth segments. In FY 2013, 37% of Telenav revenue was automotive.

Carmakers Connect with Apps
Two-thirds of vehicle owners are also smartphone owners. Brand-specific apps that can access data from vehicle sensors are growing in popularity with both carmakers and consumers.

New Technology Rollouts Move Slowly
A U.S. Department of Energy study concluded that it takes far longer than one might think for new technology to penetrate the light vehicle fleet.

Berylls Strategy Advisors on Auto Electronics Industry Future
Berylls sees the automotive electronics market growing at 5.5% per year through 2025. Total value add in 2012: ?214 billion.



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