February 2011 Newsletter
Wireless Data Congestion
As carmakers launch more infotainment and telematics features that rely on cellular connections, they need to be aware of possible network congestion problems and how carriers plan to optimize limited spectrum.

National Semiconductor, The Company Profile
National Semiconductor brings expertise in high-speed video transport to the automotive industry with its FPD-Link serializer/deserializer. National is also developing advanced technologies for battery management and LED headlamps.

Harman's Aha Radio
Harman recently acquired Aha Radio, a small startup that converts Web-based content into streaming mobile radio. Aha is working to make its content available in vehicles, controlled by the vehicle's user interface.

Audi's Top EE, Ricky Hudi, on Infotainment
Mr. Hudi talks about Audi's in-house development of its new Modular Infotainment System. MIS was too complex for tier ones, he said.



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