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"Delphi Technologies, The Company Profile"
Separated from Aptiv in 2017, Delphi Technologies is focused on improving ICE performance and on powertrain electrification. Appears in November 2019 newsletter. $65.00
"2017 Year-End Financial Results Roundup: Aptiv, Autoliv, Delphi, Lear, Visteon"
2017 sales were up for Aptiv, Autoliv, Delphi and Lear; Visteon flat. Appears in March 2018 newsletter. $65.00
"Aptiv, Formerly Delphi, Leverages Its Autonomous Driving Activities"
Aptiv is moving its new mobility segment headquarters to Boston, co-locating with nuTonomy. Aptiv acquired the self-driving software startup in 2017. Appears in December 2017 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi Automotive, The Company Profile"
Delphi is investing to expand its business in ADAS and autonomous driving systems. Today electrical distribution systems account for more than half of total sales. Appears in February 2017 newsletter. $65.00
"Lidar Sensors to Complement Radar and Camera"
Lidar technology is maturing and cost is coming down, but high volume application of solid-state lidar sensors is still a decade away. Appears in March 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"2015 Roundup: Autoliv, Bosch, Delphi, Valeo"
A look at the 2015 financial results of Autoliv, Bosch, Delphi and Valeo Appears in March 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"Roundup of 2014: Autoliv, Bosch, Delphi, Visteon"
A look at the year-end financial results of Autoliv, Bosch Mobility Solutions, Delphi and Visteon Appears in March 2015 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi Automotive, The Company Profile"
A leaner, more focused Delphi plans to grow sales 9% annually through 2016. Appears in April 2013 newsletter. $65.00
"Roundup of 2012 Auto Electronics Supplier Sales"
A look at the year-end financial results of Autoliv, Bosch Automotive Technology, Delphi Automotive and Lear. Appears in February 2013 newsletter. $65.00
"At CES Connected Vehicles Had the Floor"
With its acquisitions of Hughes Telematics and the cloud services company Terremark, Verizon plans to be an automotive M2M player. Appears in December 2012 newsletter. $65.00
"Body Control Module Update"
Body control tends to keep a low profile, but increasing vehicle complexity is driving lots of innovation in this domain. Appears in May 2011 newsletter. $65.00
"2009 Roundup: North American Suppliers Battered but Surviving"
Roundup looks at the 2009 year-end financial results for Autoliv, Delphi, Gentex, Johnson Controls, Lear, TRW Automotive and Visteon. Appears in March 2010 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi, The Company Profile, Part Two"
In Part Two, we conclude a mini-profile of the Electronics and Safety division and take an in-depth look at the Powertrain, Electrical/Electronic Architecture, and Thermal Systems divisions. See the October 2009 issue for Part One. Appears in November 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi, The Company Profile-Part One"
Part one of the Delphi profile takes a look at the new, post-bankruptcy company and the Electronics and Safety business segment. Appears in October 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"LCD Clusters Are the Future"
More carmakers are taking advantage of the benefits of reconfigurable TFT LCD clusters, but demand for electromechanical instruments will remain. Appears in October 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"Pioneer, Omron Sales Down; Mobis Up 10.4%"
Year-end financial results for Pioneer's Car Electronics business, Omron Automotive Electronics Components and Hyundai Mobis, plus news updates on Delphi, Intel/Wind River, Visteon, Hitachi Automotive Systems Appears in June 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"China and Auto Electronics a Good Match"
Report from the Shanghai Auto Show: three multiplying forces will drive auto electronics growth in China for the next ten years. Appears in May 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"2008 Roundup North American Suppliers in Trouble"
Some North American suppliers are fighting to survive as carmakers cut production volumes. 2008 year end financial results for Autoliv, Delphi, Lear, TRW Automotive and Visteon Appears in March 2009 newsletter. $65.00
"North American Suppliers Rocked by Economic Turmoil"
Suppliers with exposure to the Detroit Three face a very real possibility of bankruptcy or asset selloffs. Automotive stock analyst and high-yield bond trader give their assessments. Appears in November 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Top Ten Automotive Electronics Industry Trends"
Paul Hansen gives his list of the leading trends and explains how they will affect the automotive electronics industry in the years to come. Appears in September 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"2007 Supplier Roundup: Delphi, TRW Automotive, Visteon"
Year end financial results for Delphi, TRW Automotive and Visteon Appears in March 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi Sales Projections Incredible"
Delphi's presentation to potential lenders projects a 9.3% annual increase in non-GM sales. Overly optimistic? Appears in December 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Siemens VDO Electronic Wedge Brake--Industry Is Skeptical"
While carmakers are all investigating electromechanical brake solutions, not all are convinced the Electronic Wedge Brake from Siemens VDO is the way to go. Concerns about durability and cost remain. Appears in May 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Radio Enhancements"
Digital amplifers, more capable DSPs and software defined radio are improving sound quality in car radios. Appears in April 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Camera Market is Taking Off"
Combining CMOS or CCD video cameras with radar enables active safety applications such as obstacle and pedestrian detection, lane keeping, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control with automatic braking and driver monitoring. Lexus and Volvo will bring automatic braking to the U.S. this year. Appears in February 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"2006 Roundup of Auto Electronics Suppliers"
Year-end financial results for Autoliv, Delphi, Johnson Controls and Lear. Appears in February 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"U.S. Airbag Seat Sensor Market Softens"
Carmakers are turning to low-risk deployment airbags as an altrnative to seat occupant sensors to comply with NHTSA's advanced airbag rules. Appears in July 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi Upheaval"
Continuing losses, GM production cutbacks, SEC scrutiny, overstated cash flow and loss of top management spell big trouble for Delphi. Appears in March 2005 newsletter. $65.00
"2004 Roundup of North American Automotive Electronics Suppliers"
A look at the 2004 financial results of major North American suppliers including Autoliv, Delphi, Gentex, Harman, Johnson Controls, Lear and Visteon. Appears in February 2005 newsletter. $65.00
"2003 Roundup of North American Auto Electronics Suppliers"
A look at the 2003 year end financial results of Autoliv, Delphi, Huntsville Electronics, Johnson Controls, Lear Corp., TRW Automotive and Visteon. Appears in February 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi Corp., The Company Profile (11/03)"
The world's largest automobile parts supplier makes 18% of revenue from its Electronics and Mobile Communications sector, the sector formerly known as Delphi Delco Electronics. Passive occupant detection, diesel engine controls and satellite radios are some of Delphi's hottest product areas today. Appears in November 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"Motor-Driven Power Steering Starts Slow in U.S."
The low price of fuel and the high price of electric power steering has delayed implementation of EPS by U.S. carmakers. GM is leading the way. Appears in June 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"2002 Roundup of North American Auto Electronics Suppliers"
2002 financial results for major North American suppliers. Appears in February 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi to Use Electronics Contract Manufacturers"
Delphi is cautiously testing the benefits of outsourcing electronics manufacturing. Projects are underway with Solectron and Flextronics. Appears in February 2003 newsletter. $65.00
"Delphi Performs Poorly"
Delphi's stock has not done as well since the initial offering. More restructuring is underway. Appears in October 2001 newsletter. $65.00
"2000 Roundup of European Automotive Electronics Suppliers"
Financial results for leading European auto electronics suppliers Bosch, Continental, Magneti Marelli, Mannesmann VDO, Siemens Automotive, Temic and Valeo. Appears in May 2001 newsletter. $65.00
"2000 North American Automotive Electronics Business Roundup"
Summary of the year-end financial results for the major auto electronics suppliers in North America. Includes table, "World Vehicle Production Estimates." Appears in April 2001 newsletter. $65.00
"Maybe Decades Before 42-Volt Systems Reach Entry-Level Vehicles"
Delphi Automotive estimates the growth in demand for power output at peak generation. Appears in December 2000 newsletter. $65.00
"1999 Automotive Electronics Business Roundup"
Financial results of the top North American and European auto electronics suppliers for fiscal 1999. Appears in April 2000 newsletter. $65.00


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