May 2019 Newsletter
5G Networks Won't Substantially Impact Autos before 2025
Mobile network operators don't seem to be in a hurry to build out 5G networks to support connected vehicles. Carmakers are in no rush to embed 5G modems.

MIT's Lex Fridman Takes Cautious View of Self-Driving Technology
The MIT research scientist believes we will see fewer than 10,000 autonomous vehicles on public roads in 2030, and that "there is no Level 3."

Roundup 2018: Valeo, Magna, Hitachi Automotive, Faurecia
A snapshot of year-end financial results for suppliers Valeo, Magna, Hitachi Automotive and Faurecia

Panasonic Automotive, The Company Profile
Panasonic just established a new automotive segment of the company to focus on developing advanced infotainment, cockpit electronics, ADAS and autonomous driving systems, as well as lithium-ion batteries, a market where it sees considerable growth potential.

EV Cost Comparable to ICEs by 2025, Says McKinsey
In a recent report, analysts from McKinsey & Co. presented a roadmap for electric vehicle profitability.



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