December 2018/January 2019 Newsletter
Interest in Electronics Hardware Updates Is Growing
The capability to update vehicle software over the air is not far away. As carmakers adopt a more modular approach to both software and hardware, they will need to be able to upgrade hardware after sale as well. Expect implementations to begin in the 2024 timeframe.

Intel Promotes Self-Driving Safety Standard Based Initially on RSS Model
A global effort to develop an open, industry-wide safety standard for autonomous vehicles is gaining traction. Intel is contributing its Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) model. Baidu and Valeo are already on board.

BrainChip to Sample Its Neuromorphic SoCs in Q3 2019
Power-saving neuromorphic computing devices running neural-network inference engines in vehicles could be coming to market soon.

Valeo, The Company Profile
Slowing global vehicle sales made for a difficult 2018 for many tier ones, including Valeo. Promising products for future growth: electrical machines, power electronics, and ADAS sensors including lidar.

LMC Automotive Sees Global LV Sales Growth Slowing
Light vehicle sales growth is likely to slow to 2.2% annually through 2021.



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