November 2018 Newsletter
Rolf Zöller, Head of E/E Development at Volkswagen Says Everything Up for Change
Rolf Zöller discusses some of the changes Volkswagen will soon implement in electronics, architectures and software.

The AV Safety Regulation Challenge
Developers must first prove that autonomous vehicles are safe before regulators will address their use on public roads. The lack of standard regulations will delay widescale deployment.

KPIT Technologies, The Company Profile
In addition to providing software engineering services, KPIT is building a library of accelerators to help OEM customers roll out new features and functions more quickly.

Multicore SoCs Are Driving Cockpit and ADAS Integration
Commonly used in infotainment, multicore SoCs are moving into the cockpit and ADAS domains enabling further integration. SoCs will be essential to centralized E/E architectures.



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