December 2017/January 2018 Newsletter
Lidar Fever
Consolidation in the crowded field of lidar developers is inevitable. While none has yet claimed market dominance, leaders are emerging.

Interview with PSA's Top E/E, Jean-Francois Salessy
PSA's Jean-Francois Salessy discusses what the merger with Opel means for suppliers and for PSA's next E/E architectures.

Aptiv, Formerly Delphi, Leverages Its Autonomous Driving Activities
Aptiv is moving its new mobility segment headquarters to Boston, co-locating with nuTonomy. Aptiv acquired the self-driving software startup in 2017.

Visteon, The Company Profile
Visteon has adopted a platform-based development strategy driven by software. Going forward, the company will focus on four platforms: clusters, infotainment, domain controllers and autonomous driving.

Ford Hasn't Ruled Out L3 AD
Ford doesn't yet see a compelling business case for L3, but it is researching L3 technology.



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