October 2011 Newsletter
ISO 26262 Taking Hold
While not yet published in final form ISO 26262, the Road Vehicles--Functional Safety standard, is being widely adopted by carmakers and suppliers.

SAE Product Safety Committee
Using ISO 26262 as a framework, the SAE committee will develop global hazard classifications for safety-critical systems based on exposure, severity and controllability. NHTSA will participate.

Marquardt Group, The Company Profile
Increasing penetration of keyless entry systems is driving healthy demand for Marquardt's driver authorization systems and electronic steering column locks.

Fiat and Chrysler Top EEs Swap Jobs
Alan Amici and Bruno Antonioli discuss their new engineering roles. The first vehicle with a common Fiat-Chrysler electrical architecture is due in 2013.

CEA on U.S. Infotainment and Security Market
The aftermarket isn't the driver of innovation it once was. Carmakers are more in tune with technology trends.



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