October 2010 Newsletter
LTE Stirs Excitement and Skepticism
A look at the potential effects the coming roll out of LTE wireless networks might have on automotive applications in telematics, infotainment and safety.

Renesas Electronics, The Company Profile
The merger of Renesas Technology and NEC Electronics in April 2010 created the world's third largest semiconductor supplier. The new company's automotive focus will be on green technology, safety and cockpit electronics.

Semiconductor Technology Update: SOI and 3D Chips
3D devices--stacked, interconnected die--with their space and power saving benefits could see auotmotive applications in four or five years. Silicon on insulator technology will help extend their temperature range.

Major OEMs' and Suppliers' Ten-Year Growth and Decline
Two tables illustrate which carmakers and suppliers have most successfully handled the industry upheaval.

Feature Trends: Active Safety Penetration Continues
Safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and automatic braking are becoming more widely available.



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