September 2010 Newsletter
Auto Semiconductor Competition Heating Up
As carmakers and tier ones change their requirements it becomes more challenging for semiconductor suppliers to distinguish their hardware from their competitors'. Wider use of Autosar will heat up competition.

Business Intelligence from AlixPartners
AlixPartners' data identifies top carmakers and suppliers according to their sales growth and return on capital employed.

Visteon, The Company Profile
Ready to emerge from bankruptcy in early October under the control of its bondholders, Visteon anticipates 3% annual growth and positive net margins for 2010 through 2013. The new Visteon will leverage its global footprint to grow sales with both new and existing customers in all markets.

EcoMotors' Very Green, OPOC IC Engine
EcoMotor's OPOC engine promises noteworthy gains in fuel efficiency. The diesel version can achieve 50% better fuel economy than a conventional turbo diesel.



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