Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008 newsletter
Freescale Bonds Plummet
The bond market and ratings services are wary of Freescale's high debt level and lower earnings prospects. Freescale's share of the auto semiconductor market has been slipping.

Delphi Sales Projections Incredible
Delphi's presentation to potential lenders projects a 9.3% annual increase in non-GM sales. Overly optimistic?

KPIT Cummins Infosystems, The Company Profile
Not a typical automotive electronics supplier, KPIT Cummins, based in Pune, India, could challenge existing automotive software providers in the next decade.

Dr. Peter Rieth on What's Next after ESC
Peter Rieth, Continental's senior VP systems and technology, believes active steering and eventually radar-controlled four-wheel steering will be instrumental in collision avoidance.

Next NHTSA Safety Mandate Not Likely Before 2012
NHTSA's Dr. Joseph Kanianthra shares his views on active safety and driver assist features that could see market acceptance in the coming decade. He also discusses NHTSA's approach to safety mandates.



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