September 2006 Newsletter
Driver Distraction Offers Huge Safety Opportunity
Driver distraction contributes to 78% of all crashes. Driver monitoring, active safety systems and managing portable devices can save lives and differentiate vehicles.

Strategy Analytics on Automotive Electronics Trends
Two experts from Strategy Analytics' automotive practice see sales of automotive ECUs and semiconductors growing at 8% to 10%. Includes 2010 navigation forecast by region.

2007 Feature Highlights
A look at new features coming in 2007 production vehicles.

Fall 2006 is Auto Electronics Conference Season
Auto electronics experts are gathering in Ludwigsburg, London, Detroit and Paris.

Omron Automotive Electronic Components, The Company Profile
In addition to a broad line of relays and switches, Omron AEC offers ECUs for RF systems, such as remote keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring, and for body control modules and electric power steering.



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