November 2003 Newsletter
Report from Tokyo
Meetings with the top electrical engineers from Toyota, Honda and Nissan gave us some insight into auto electronics at Japan's big three. Japan is working on pre-crash sensing, international standards, and traffic information from vehicle "probes."

Convergence Conference Connects with SAE
Starting with Convergence 2006, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) will play a more active role in the organization and administration of the Convergence automotive electronics conferences. Dennis Wilkie explains how the new partnership will work.

Delphi Corp., The Company Profile (11/03)
The world's largest automobile parts supplier makes 18% of revenue from its Electronics and Mobile Communications sector, the sector formerly known as Delphi Delco Electronics. Passive occupant detection, diesel engine controls and satellite radios are some of Delphi's hottest product areas today.

Safety Features Installed in Japan's Top Selling Vehicles
Table shows standard and optional safety features in the top 15 models sold in Japan.

Safety Features Available in Toyota Vehicles
Toyota lists the advanced safety systems it recently brought to market, the models the features are available in, and the estimated production volume of those option-equipped models.



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