February 2003 Newsletter
NHTSA Test Could Establish Benefits of ESC in Rollover Prevention
If tests prove electronic stability control systems actually prevent rollover accidents, no government mandates may be needed to make the market for ESC take off.

2002 Roundup of North American Auto Electronics Suppliers
2002 financial results for major North American suppliers.

Solectron Corp., The Company Profile
As a provider of electronics contract manufacturing and design services, Solectron sees opportunity in the automotive electronics industry.

Delphi to Use Electronics Contract Manufacturers
Delphi is cautiously testing the benefits of outsourcing electronics manufacturing. Projects are underway with Solectron and Flextronics.

MOST Common in Europe
European car manufacturers are already using the MOST fiber-optic multimedia communications bus.

CEA Forecasts U.S. Mobile Audio, Video, Nav and Vehicle Security
Graphics show the Consumer Electronics Association's forecasts through 2006.



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