November 2002 Newsletter
Motorola's 2-Milliohm, 60-Amp Smart Switch
A new dual-chip smart switch from Motorola could radically change the design of vehicle power distribution systems.

Ford Research Specs New Information and Entertainment Platform
Ford will soon test a new platform for computing and communications aboard the vehicle.

ETAS GmbH, The Company Profile
With a broad line of engineering tools, ETAS is focused on the automotive industry. Carmakers would benefit from wider use of modeling, simulation and code-generating tools.

New Phaeton Foreshadows Future Automotive Electronics
Volkswagen's new luxury model offers a glimpse of future automotive electronics.

Strategy Analytics' Automotive Electronics Forecast
Exerpts from Strategy Analytics' forecast: Microcontroller Demand, 32-Bit MCU Market, Auto Electronics Growth by Application.



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