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"Google Promotes Assistant Driving Mode to Mitigate Driver Distraction"
Google is developing a feature called Driving Mode for the Google Assistant. The company claims that using voice controls and the Assistant's predictive algorithms to manage apps in the car will allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road for longer periods. Appears in October 2019 newsletter. $65.00
"Robert Siegel on Navigating Auto Industry Disruption "
The Stanford B-School lecturer and venture capitalist believes industry collaboration on autonomous vehicle safety is essential to launching a successful market for AV technology. Appears in October 2019 newsletter. $65.00
"Amazon Pushes Ahead in Race to Embed Voice Assistants"
Voice-enabled assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming increasingly available on the road. Sixty-four percent of owners of smart home speakers are interested in having the the feature in their vehicles as well. Appears in February 2018 newsletter. $65.00
"John Ellis on Software and Threats to the Auto Industry from Google and Apple"
Software consultant John Ellis thinks carmakers should be wary of the tech giants. Appears in September 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"Google and Autonomous Driving: All or Nothing"
Google is not at all interested in making just another driver assist system. The goal is to launch fully autonomous vehicles. Appears in May 2015 newsletter. $65.00
"Google's Patrick Brady on Android Auto"
Google wants to see Android Auto become the ubiquitous, unfragmented, open platform for automotive infotainment, first to project smartphone apps on the vehicle display and later embedded in the head unit. Article includes a discussion on updatable hardware. Appears in April 2015 newsletter. $65.00
"Google and Apple No Threat to Infotainment Suppliers"
Paul Hansen believes infotainment suppliers need not be too concerned about Google and Apple coming into the automotive market. Appears in December 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Featured at CES"
Audi and Hyundai showed working demonstrations of the Apple and Android smartphone interfaces at CES 2015. Both carmakers plan to put the features in production models later this year. Appears in December 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"Google, Apple and Tesla Too Cool for Old School Detroit"
Apple and Google may see automotive as a potentially lucrative market, but their doors are closed to the automotive media. Appears in May 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"Android before iOS in the Car"
Google is leading Apple in getting its operating system into infotainment systems. The Open Automotive Alliance will modify Android to run on head units. Appears in February 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"Google's Self-Driving Cars Zoom In On the Future"
Google's cars show tremendous advancement in the state of the art of autonomous vehicle engineering. Appears in July 2011 newsletter. $65.00
"Auto Industry Steps Toward Autonomous Driving"
The industry has already developed much of the technology required to implement fully autonomous vehicles, but getting them on the road will be a step-by-step process. Platooning capability could come in as little as five years. Appears in July 2011 newsletter. $65.00
"Laser Sensor's Future Unclear"
Laser scanners like the Velodyne sensor used by Google and the DARPA Urban Challenge finishers in 2007 may not be needed for autonomous driving features in production vehicles. Appears in July 2011 newsletter. $65.00
"Nokia Makes Headway with Terminal Mode Car Interface"
Nokia has been working with the German carmakers and Fiat as well as Harman, Alpine, Continental and Magneti Marelli to develop its Terminal Mode software spec to integrate smartphone apps with vehicle displays and controls. Appears in June 2010 newsletter. $65.00
"Google Makes Automotive Connections"
Google aims to bring its content and services to automobiles. Continental is developing a Google Android-based infotainment platform called AutoLinQ that will provide connectivity both to the Web and to vehicle sensors and control systems--a new way to deliver telematics services. Appears in November 2009 newsletter. $65.00


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