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"Flex Automotive, The Company Profile"
Flex Automotive is transitioning from contract manufacturer to full-service supplier. Original design manufacturing is projected to account for 50% of automotive revenue by fiscal 2019 Appears in September 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"ZF Friedrichshafen, The Company Profile"
ZF considers the acquisition of TRW last year "its largest and most important in the company's history." TRW will be fully integrated as ZF's Active and Passive Safety Technology division. Appears in April 2016 newsletter. $65.00
"Harman International, The Company Profile"
Harman's recent acquisitions of Red Bend Software and Symphony Teleca provide a great opportunity for the company to diversify beyond the automotive industry and provide new engineering and software services. Appears in February 2015 newsletter. $65.00
"Consolidation in Auto Semiconductor Market"
Acquisitions by Infineon and ON Semiconductor will produce changes in the top-ten ranking of automotive semiconductor suppliers. After completing its purchase of International Rectifier, Infineon closes in on market leader Renesas. Appears in November 2014 newsletter. $65.00
"Flextronics Automotive, The Company Profile"
While Flextronics is the number-one supplier of electronics manufacturing services to the auto industry, it is also rapidly expanding its original design manufacturing (ODM) business through in-house development, acquisitions and global market development. Appears in February 2013 newsletter. $65.00
"At CES Connected Vehicles Had the Floor"
With its acquisitions of Hughes Telematics and the cloud services company Terremark, Verizon plans to be an automotive M2M player. Appears in December 2012 newsletter. $65.00
"RIM Gaining a Foothold in Automotive"
With help from its acquisitions of Dash Navigation and QNX, RIM has established a presence in automotive. Compatibility with automotive standards is essential for smartphone manufacturers. Appears in December 2010 newsletter. $65.00
"Johnson Electric, The Company Profile"
A Chinese company specializing in automotive motors, Johnson Electric has a solid balance sheet and has shown a profit every year since 1984. Ford, Behr and Delphi are the company's top automotive customers. Appears in September 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental, The Company Profile, Part Two"
Part two focuses on new products with significant sales potential in each of Continental's three automotive divisions: Powertrain, Chassis and Safety, and Interior. Part one appears in the March 2008 Hansen Report. Appears in April 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"2007 Roundup: Valeo, Leoni"
Year end results for Valeo and Leoni. Leoni acquired Valeo's wiring business in 2007. Appears in April 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental AG, The Company Profile (Part One)"
In part one of a two-part profile we look at what the new Continental will look like after fully integrating Siemens VDO. Appears in March 2008 newsletter. $65.00
"Valeo, The Company Profile"
Valeo will continue its strategy of targeted acquisitions, but will likely consider only smaller companies with complementary technologies. New products with high growth potential include starter alternators, dual-clutch assemblies, engine cooling and driver assistance products. Appears in July 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"Vehicle Maker and Supplier Ten-Year Grrowth Rates"
Suzuki, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, PSA and Toyota have grown at a higher annual rate than other carmakers over the last decade. Appears in July 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"NXP Semiconductors, The Company Profile"
NXP, the former Philips Semiconductor division, is the world leader in car radio DSPs and car radio tuners. The company also offers a broad portfolio of in-vehicle networking ICs for CAN, LIN and FlexRay Appears in June 2007 newsletter. $65.00
"TRW Automotive, The Company Profile"
TRW Automotive expects healthy growth in active safety products such as electronic stability control, brake assist, radar ACC and lane-keeping systems. Appears in October 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"Sensata Technologies, The Company Profile"
The former Texas Instruments Sensors and Controls division offers a range of automotive sensors including automotive pressure transducers, micro-fused silicon strain gauge sensors and MEMS differential pressure sensors. Appears in July 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"Continental Purchases Motorola's Automotive Unit"
Continental's recent acquisition of Motorola Automotive is further evidence of Detroit's waning influence in automotive electronics. Appears in May 2006 newsletter. $65.00
"Siemens and Hyundai Bid for Two Top Korean Auto Electronics Suppliers"
Hyundai and Siemens VDO Automotive created a joint venture to buy the auto electronics suppliers of Hyundai Motor and Kia. The EC has approved the acquisition. Appears in June 2005 newsletter. $65.00
"Johnson Controls Inc., The Company Profile (03/04)"
The acquisitions of Sagem and Borg Instruments, as well as organic growth, have allowed JCI to significantly expanded its electronics capability, a key element in the company's growth strategy for interior systems and modules. Appears in March 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"Siemens VDO Adopts Huntsville Electronics"
After years on the block, Chrysler's captive electronics supplier, Huntsville Electronics, was finally purchased by Siemens VDO. Appears in February 2004 newsletter. $65.00
"Analysis of TRW - Blackstone Deal"
TRW Automotive is soon to be acquired by Blackstone Group. How will the acquisition affect TRW? Appears in December 2002 newsletter. $65.00
"Siemens VDO Automotive AG, The Company Profile"
A closer look at the world's third largest automotive electronics supplier. Siemens VDO expects growth in diesel common fuel rail systems, advanced instrumentation and tire pressure monitoring. Appears in October 2002 newsletter. $65.00
"NEC to Deal Automotive Electronics Business to Honda"
NEC Automotive Electronics will be merged with Honda group company Nestec. Appears in June 2002 newsletter. $65.00
"More Consolidation and Cooperation"
Highlights of the year 2000 joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions Appears in February 2001 newsletter. $65.00
"Motorola AIEG & TCG, The Company Profile (7/00)"
Alliances and acquisitions are a key part of Motorola's strategy to provide "end-to-end solutions" for automotive customers. Appears in July 2000 newsletter. $65.00


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